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Eego Italy Men Leather Water Resistant Anti-Sweat Lightweight Riding Boots real leather upper & anti slip sole with steel toe protection.


Certainly! Here’s a detailed description for the Eego Italy Patrol Biker Boot:

  • Model: Eego Italy Patrol
  • Type: Water Resistant Biker Boot / Motorcycle Riding Boot
  • Color: Black
  • Upper Material: Genuine Leather
  • Sole: Anti-Slip PU Sole
  • Toe Protection: Steel Toe (provides protection of more than 200 joules)
  • Reflective Tapes: Features original 3M reflective tapes for enhanced visibility
  • Gear Protector: Equipped with a rubber gear protector to safeguard against wear and tear from gear levers
  • Comfort and Safety:
    • Padded insoles for added comfort during long rides
    • Water-resistant design to keep your feet dry
    • Antibacterial lining for hygiene
    • Sculpted sole for excellent grip
    • Peg-friendly design
    • Suitable for both shin and ankle protection
  • Size Options: Available in UK size 10
  • Manufacturer: Eego Italy
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Weight: Approximately 750 grams
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