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Sarkkart High-quality Headlight Neon Light For All Bikes (Mobile Controlled ) |FH MODIFIED


Boasting 16 million color options, waterproof design, and incredible brightness, this versatile light kit is easily installed on any bike. Control the light show from your phone, adjusting colors, brightness, and even syncing to music for an unforgettable ride. bike headlight neon light fully flexible for all bikes headlight

Sarkkart Original Aeroplane Mini Drive Fog Light Bulb 25Watt For All Motorcycles Dual Colour (White & Yellow) 1Pcs.

  • 25watt mini drive aeroplane fog light with double colour
  • Multiple modes with still and flash modes
  • High quality led fog lights with white and yellow 20watt output
  • IP65 waterproof lights, easier to install and usable rough and tough in any vehicle
  • Complete fitting nut-bolts and L-key inside kit
  • 12v-24v input voltage

Sarkkart Premium Bike 12V Motorcycle Handlebar Switches 7/8″ ON-Off-ON Headlight Fog Brake Light Switch 2 Way Switch for Honda CB Unicorn


Upgrade your bike control with Sarkkart Premium 12V Motorcycle Handlebar Switches. Designed for 7/8″ bars, these switches offer versatile functionality, including ON-Off-ON toggles for headlight, fog, and brake lights. Engineered for Honda CB Unicorn compatibility, they ensure seamless integration and optimal performance. The ergonomic design enhances user experience, allowing easy access to essential functions while riding. With durable construction and reliable operation, these switches provide long-lasting reliability, ideal for daily commutes or adventurous rides. Elevate your biking experience with Sarkkart’s premium quality handlebar switches, offering convenience, safety, and control on the road.

Sarkkart Original High Intensity Neon DRL dual Projector bar Light Suitable for All Bikes (1 piece)

  • Dual colour projector with inbuilt flash and still modes
  • Neon blue DRL mode with X logo
  • Waterproof fog lights easily installable in any vehicle

Sarkkart Original New Model Transparent Owl Fog Light Multi colour owl with 5in1 flashing mode For Bike/Car/Thar/Jeep (1piece)


5 in 1 flashing owl fog lights (20 Watt)

Triple colour DRL mode with white yellow and mix flash modes

Easier to install in any car or motorcycle

High quality light output comes with waterproof quality and best road results

Flash mode available in both colour and mix also

LIU HJG Original Fog Lights 21Watts With 9LED Setup Easily Fits All Bikes With Universal Mounting (1 Pcs)


LIU HJG Original Fog Lights feature a powerful 21W 9LED setup, designed for easy installation on all bikes with universal mounting.

HJG Original Eagle Style Fog Light LED Fog Light 40Watt Bulb Lamp For Cars and Motorcycles Dual Color Yellow-White Beam (1 piece)


Cree led fog light with ip67 waterproof rating

Double colour light colour output

Complete fitting kit inside box with bolt and screws

Easier to install in any two or four wheeler

LIU HJG ORIGINAL 2024 Dual lens Fog Lights 60Watt With Dual Colour ( WHITE/YELLOW) (set of 2)



Hjg high quality fog lights with 60watt output

Dual colour fog lights with dual lens gives super visible road results

Easier to install in any vechicle

Ip68 waterproof lights usable in any weather

Sarkkart Original Tiger Shape Led Fog Light Dual Colour White/Yellow 30W For Bike/Car/Thar/Jeep New Model Fog Light (1piece)

  • For Car, Motorbike
  • Brightness: 1000 lm
  • Color: White, Yellow
  • Color Temperature: 6000 K
  • Operating Wattage: 30 W


Easier to install in any vechicle

Box contains complete fitting material

Waterproof metal body fog lights

5 in 1 mode

Dual colour white and yellow output

Input 12v

Sarkkart Original 12 LED Round Adjustable Metal Fog Light 35Watt Bulb Lamp For Cars and Motorcycles (1 piece)


35w metal body adjustable metal fog light

Easier to install

Reliable and strobe build quality

High visibility output

Installable in car of bike both

Sarkkart Original 6 Led Police Led Light With 8 Mode Suitable for All Bike & Car (Set of 2)


For car and motorcycle both.

Brightness 6000 lumens.

Colour: Red blue.

Different 8 blinking modes.

Operating voltage – 12v-24v

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