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Sarkkart Original Very Loud Sound Dog Horn For Bike, Cars, Trucks & Heavy Vechicles (Red)


About this item

  • Color: Red; Package Contents: 1 Vehicle Horn; Vehicle Compatibility: Universal Fit
  • Volume 110 db
  • Material: metal Type external
  • Sound type oooga, frequency range 490 hz
  • Sales package 1 dog horn

MPS Horn Suitable For Pulsar All Models & Apache All Models & Free Wiring (Pack of 2)

  • Vechicle compatibility – universal for any two vechicle
  • Input voltage- 12v
  • Fundamental frequency – 400/500 hz
  • Sound pressure level 125-135 DB
  • Attractive performance

MPS Supersonic Silver Grill Horns Suitable For Bike, Cars, Trucks & Free Wiring (Pack of 2)

  • Premium quality long lasting waterproof horn.
  • No drain strain on battery, weather proof serviceable.
  • Looks are very stylish and highly durable.
  • Input voltage- 12v .
  • High tone – 450Hz low tone 350Hz .
  • Compatible for all bike and cars.

MPS Windtone Horn For Bike, Cars, Trucks Free Wiring (Black) (Pack of 2)

  • Best long lasting quality horns
  • Waterproof and easy to use
  • Reliable performance and attractive sound quality
  •  wiring free
  • Noise level 150 db
  • Fit in any vechicle like bike, car, truck and tractor

Sarkkart Original Karry Trumpet horn 12V Horn For Bike, Cars, Trucks (Black)(Pack of 2)


Easy to use

Best quality

Long lasting

Reliable performance

Loud sound, for better road performance

Sarkkart Original Twin Tone 2 Pipe Horn Air Pressure Horn For Bike, Cars, Trucks & Heavy Vechicles (Red)


Extremely loud like train horn

Inbuilt Air pressure compressor can produce more volume sound, to drive more smooth and safe on the road, loud sound avoid accident.

As the sound is really loud, please use it reasonably.

Fits on any 12v vechicle like bike, car, tractor, truck etc.

Complete kit is in box for proper fitting

Sarkkart Original 3 Pipe Air Horn For Bike, Cars, Trucks & Heavy Vechicles (Red)

  • This horns is made of plastic for durability and features easy to install. It is specially for bike and car
  • Perfect fit for your bike and cars. 
  • It has lightweight and superb designing. It has sophisticated look and elegant appearance.
  • Universal bike/car/truck horn

LIU HJG Dual Tone Horn WINDTONE 12V (Set Of 2) (Black)


Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our Car & Bike Horn. Designed to complement the aesthetics of your vehicle, these horns boast a sleek and modern design that adds a touch of sophistication. Don’t let the sleek appearance fool you – beneath the surface lies a powerhouse of sound, delivering loud and clear tones that demand attention.

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