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Enhance your bike’s safety and control with the Sarkkart Original GPS Tracker. Monitor engine status, receive speeding alerts, real-time tracking, trip history, crash & theft alarms. Invest in reliability and security now! Target keyword: GPS Tracker


Introducing the Sarkkart Original GPS Tracker – the ultimate solution for safeguarding your bike and enhancing your riding experience. This universal GPS tracker is designed to seamlessly integrate with all bikes, providing you with unparalleled control and peace of mind.

Engine Status Monitoring: Stay connected with your bike like never before. The Sarkkart GPS tracker allows you to remotely monitor the engine status in real time, ensuring you’re always aware of your bike’s operational condition.

Speeding Alerts: Safety is our top priority. Receive instant alerts on your mobile device if your bike exceeds predefined speed limits. Sarkkart keeps you informed and in control, promoting responsible and secure riding habits.

Real-Time Tracking: Track your bike’s location in real time with precision and accuracy. Whether you’re keeping an eye on your bike’s whereabouts or planning your next adventure, Sarkkart provides reliable and up-to-the-minute location data.

SIM Card Not Included: To give you the flexibility to choose your preferred mobile carrier, the Sarkkart GPS tracker does not come with a pre-inserted SIM card. Simply insert your own SIM card, and you’re ready to start tracking.

Trip History: Uncover the details of your bike’s journey with comprehensive trip history features. Sarkkart empowers you to review past routes and analyze riding patterns, providing valuable insights for better planning.

Crash Alarm: In the event of an unfortunate accident, the Sarkkart GPS tracker features a crash alarm to notify you immediately. Your safety matters, and Sarkkart is committed to providing advanced features that prioritize rider well-being.

Theft Alarm: Protect your bike against theft with the Sarkkart theft alarm. Receive instant notifications if unauthorized movement is detected, giving you the ability to act swiftly and prevent potential theft.

Invest in the Sarkkart Original GPS Tracker – the epitome of reliability, security, and innovation. Elevate your riding experience and take control of your bike’s safety like never before. Sarkkart: Where Every Ride is a Safe Adventure.

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