Sarkkart Original Headlight Heavy Grill Shade, Headlight Grill For Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Type 2


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  • Material
    The guard is usually made of metal or heavy-duty plastic
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    It's easily installed the bikes and motorcycle

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Type 2 is a motorcycle model produced by Royal Enfield, and a headlight grill is an accessory that can be added to the front of the bike to provide extra protection for the headlight.

When looking for a headlight grill for the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Type 2, it’s important to make sure that the grill is compatible with the specific model and year of the bike. The grill should be designed to fit over the headlight assembly and provide a layer of protection against flying debris, rocks, and other hazards that might otherwise damage the headlight.

The headlight grill is typically made of metal and may feature a variety of designs, including mesh patterns, geometric shapes, or other decorative elements. The grill should be installed properly and securely to ensure that it does not come loose while riding, which could potentially cause damage to the headlight or other parts of the bike.

Overall, a headlight grill can be a useful addition to the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Type 2 for riders who frequently ride off-road or in areas with a high risk of debris or hazards that could damage the headlight.


  • Headlight Gril for Royal Enfield Hunter 350.
  • HEADLIGHT: Designed in full Mild steel material, the offered headlight  in this set can be easily installed over the headlight of the Motorcycle to enhance the look. Just unscrew the original headlight cover and install over the pre-drilled holes.
Additional information
Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 21 cm
suitable for

all bikes, all type of classics, classic reborn





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